Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Why I think Robert Vadra is a very attractive man

In the different walks of life we come across people who make their presence felt in a way that the world sits stunned by their mightiness…to me Shri Robert Vadra is one of this holier than thou personality.

So here’s me, having spent excessive amount of time wondering what Priyanka Gandhi liked in Robert since the day their first pictures emerged in public domain. As I am left still wondering….he is not the typical tall, dark, handsome type but still I decided to try and decipher the secrets behind Robert’s attractiveness.

Fashion Sense: Maybe it’s the Pink Pants. If a man can pull of Pink Pants as gracefully as he can on an election day, he needs to be respected for not just his fashion sense but also for he ability to stand by his decisions in the face of daunting public mockery.

Perfectly Toned Body: First Robert used to just look like Priyanka Gandhi’s bodyguard…now he has the worked very hard and got himself a body also for the job. If ever there was a Indian music video shot for ‘I am sexy and I know it’, Robert would definitely be asked to star in it.

Height: Maybe it’s the height, which woman will not like a man to look up to her even if it’s in the literal sense

Intelligence: It’s not every day that you come across a man with such acute intelligence that he can go from 50 to 300 crores in a span of 3 years and that also in an extremely risky business like real estate. I am sure Arvind Kejriwal was just calling it a scam because he was envious of Robert’s prowess in business

Prominence in the society: Women always find it very attractive when a man can gain easy access to all important places. It is so impressive that Robert is the only individual of India who is enjoying Security Free access to any Airport in the country…wowowow na?

I can go on and on bout Robert and I am sure it was because of his immense virtues that Priyanka Gandhi fell in love with him when they were 13 years old and continued to love him in spite of his ‘short’comings.

Its amazing how without even being a candidate, Robert has single handedly managed to create more buzz for Congress than most other politicians could…what more can a mother in law ask for in her Jamai.

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