Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Thumbs up for Terttulia

Both me and Surabhi have been lazy bout writing for a work work driving us nuts. But we are trying to get back especially as we bullied so many of you into following our blog.

So i am no food critic but the weighing scale definitely indicates that i like food, so when we dropped by this awesome place - Terttulia at Shivaji park, felt like putting down a note of recommendation as all good things deserve our admiration.

I just recalled vague mentions of Terttulia (from Pune) before today and honestly when someone says food joint in Dadar, only Oven Fresh comes to mind so when my lovely super townie colleague recommended the place, it was a worth a burrp search. Not too many reviews there but whatever was written was all good.

Let me start by saying that the place looks lovely and yes i am one of those shallow people who gives as much importance to ambiance as to food in a restaurant. The whole rustic European feel is something i still dig as it always makes me want to plan my next Europe holiday so that was a big thumbs up.

I sat and read a book (Ken Follet's Edge of Eternity) on my phone while sipping on a glass of superb Melon Sangria, till my friend arrived and honestly between the book and wine i could have waited longer without any issues.

I ordered the Karari Roti with my white wine sangria and oddly enough they went great together. My friend who is a dismal eater had arrived by then and we decided to share the main and then indulge by ordering personal desserts.

We got the 3 mushrooms with mascarpone risotto. I might not know much bout mushrooms (Only started eating them in my 20's once i figured that my mom had fooled me all this while and there was no necessary link between mushrooms and cat poop) but i know my risotto and Terttulia served a very neat one. We were in such a rush to try it that even forgot to click a pic before spoiling the presentation.

Lastly came the desserts. I am not a big chocolate fan and Archana's Chocolate Mousse was my least favorite item of the meal. I had ordered a crusty phyllo with cream cheese and poached pears and the dish turned out to be as fancy as it sounded. Totally loved it.

The only red flags bout the place are that the Airtel network doesnt work inside which on the plus side means u can have a meal in peace. Secondly on a weekday also we realized they were almost fully booked so dont risk it, make a reservation and go.