Friday, 19 December 2014

Burma Burma Review

The only good part of travelling all the way to South Mumbai for work is that sometimes when you get time to step out for lunch, you can go and visit some very interesting food joints.

A vegetarian only Burmese food joint definitely falls in the category of places i have been dying to check out.

The place is located close to Rhythm House and Kala Ghoda Cafe and if it is your first visit then its best if you put the GPS on and try and locate it on foot in the narrow lanes where chances of a car getting stuck are very high.

Its a quaint little place with nice interiors. I did not feel transported into a Burmese land when i stepped into the restaurant but thought the Burma man in the logo was very cute.

Samiza Hincho (means Samosa Soup when translated) was high on the recommendations from friends who had been there before and it was truly amazing. We had decided to share a bowl and regretted that decision at the first spoonful (I cribbed a lot bout it).

The soup was followed by Chilly Tangy Chickpea Tofu. At the first bite it felt odd as even though the dish mentions chickpea tofu, you expect the taste of soy tofu. But couple of bites down the taste kindof grew on us and we liked the dish.

Then came the Tea Leaf Salad. I have had it before in Burma Superstar in San Fransico and cause of that had high expectations from the salad. It did not disappoint and was really tangy and crunchy.

We also ordered Manday Meeshay which kind of reminded me of soupy noodles with veggies. The waiter initially refused to give us more than 2 bowls to share it (as per him the portion was only good for 2) which made us not want to pay the service charge, but we are difficult to say no to. Anyway the dish was mediocre and even the Brown Onion and Roasted Chilly steamed buns were average.

There were some super hits and misses in our order but the place is nice and serves good food at a great price point. Worth going back to at some point.

The dessert was at La Folie which is a couple of minutes walk from Burma Burma and serves some unforgettable goodies.

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