Thursday, 11 December 2014

Things that I would do if I was jobless

Since we are in India let me clarify that the image says "Working it" and not "Working IT (Information Technology) :P
You know... 
  • Am I jobless without any savings (like right now :P) ???
  • Or do I have tonnes of them (my magical figure of 7 crores in the bank)??
So first let's talk about being almost broke and jobless..
  • I would (it kills my cool quotient - but all points for honesty) search desperately for a new job!!!! Loser me
  • Go back to my hometown to get rid of almost all personal expenses :) Daddy dearest still lovingly looks after me. Also who can pay these killer rents in MUMBAIIIII
  • In-between frantic job search  - I'll keep myself busy - writing this blog offcourse 
  • Watching TV series on my mom/dad's laptop because - let's face it, my laptop died years ago and I have managed these years with my "official" laptop... Which I am pretty sure the company would take back as soon as it quit
  • Get rid of my smartphone and move to Nokia Asha (if they still make those). Because I might need cash... and Olx might look inviting.. And also who will pay for all the data and calls?? Thanks to my job I haven't paid a single phone bill in 7 years!!!
  • Make numerous business plans for my own enterprise - might not act on any one of them coz of lack of FUNDING
  • Make numerous travel plans too!!! - might not have money to execute them but HEY kill me for being optimistic!!
  • Eat home cooked mommy's food!! Undoubtedly the best privilege of being jobless
  • Get married - it’s an option! Though not  good one :P For all you know I will get terribly bored and need a change
Now for the fun part... The utopian world of being jobless with 7 crore in the bank!!!
I don't have to think about this one.
I'll spend the rest of my life travelling. One country every month....

I even have a photo list ready on my Pinterest broad. Aptly titled: Travel Bucket List (

No points for guessing which one I most identify with :)
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  1. I could be thinking of travel or Iron Man - can go either ways :p